Educational Psychology

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Our highly acclaimed discipline of Educational Psychology houses both Educational Psychology and Inclusive Education sub-disciplines. Firstly, we expose our undergraduate and postgraduate students to theoretical underpinnings of human behaviour, learning and development and provide space for postgraduate students to conduct cutting edge research in the discipline. Secondly, we raise awareness regarding the debates around the shift in emphasis from ‘special needs’ to ‘addressing barriers to learning and development in school, community and society’ with a view to achieving inclusive teaching. Theoretical underpinnings of this shift are interrogated, including conceptualisations in recent policy documents in South Africa and the world. Students are required to explore interventions aimed at increasing the participation of those learners who are marginalized on account of difference from the culture and curriculum of the school.

  • Prof. Dipane Hlalele BAEd (UNIN), BEd, MEd, MA, PhD (UFS)
  • Dr Visvaranie Jairam BPaed, BAHons, MEd (UDW), PhD (UKZN), Registered Educational Psychologist
  • Dr Henry Muribwathoho BA, HED (North), BEdHons (UCT), MEd(Harvard) MEd (UDW), PhD (UKZN), Registered Educational Psychologist
  • Dr Patrick Mweli HEd (Edgewood College), BEdHons, MEd (UKZN), PhD (UKZN)
  • Mrs Sibusisiwe Ndinisa  SPTD (Mpumalanga College), BA (UNIZULU), BA Hons (UNIZULU), MEd (UKZN)
Bachelor of Education Honours in Educational Psychology
Coordinator: Dr V Jairam
Module Name Module Code Qualification Lecturer Semester
Human Development & Learning EDPY 701 BEd Hons Dr. P. Mweli 1
Life Skills Education EDLF 714 B.Ed Hons Dr. H. Muribwathoho 1
School Psycho-Educational Support EDPY707 BEd Hons Dr V Jairam 2
Introduction to Inclusive Education EDMG701 BEd Hons Prof. D Hlalele 2

Master of Education in Educational Psychology
Coordinator: Dr H Muribwathoho
Inclusive Education: Theory & Practice EDPY810 MEd Dr P Mweli 1
Psychological Assessment in Education EDPY811 MEd Dr V Jairam 1
Psychological Interventions in Education EDPY812 MEd Mr HN Muribwathoho 2
Research Proposal & Development EDRS820 Masters Prof. D Hlalele 2

Doctor of Philosophy in Educational Psychology

Coordinator: Prof. D Hlalele