Curriculum & Education Studies

About Curriculum Studies

Post-graduate programmes (Honours, Masters and PhD) in Curriculum Studies aim to engage students in debates, critical discussions, policies, theories, reflection and reflexive practices, and research in the field. The programme is beneficial for people who are teachers in schools, TVET colleges, higher education, and community colleges. It is also beneficial for any individual involved in education, for example, District officials, subject advisors, policy developers/evaluators and school management teams.

Post-graduate programmes on offer

Bachelor of Education Honours, with modules in:

  • Assessment in Education
  • Curriculum Context and Change
  • Curriculum Change and Development
  • Curriculum as Practice
  • Understanding Research (core module for all Honours students)
  • Independent Research Project (core module for all Honours students)

Students also select one elective module from modules offered by any Discipline within the school. This programme is offered both full-time (one year) and part-time (two years) at Edgewood only.

Masters in Education (MEd)

Prospective students may apply and register for either coursework or a full dissertation masters programme. Acceptance in the full dissertation programme is dependent upon the availability of a supervisor.

The coursework masters programme comprises taught four modules in the first year, followed by a coursework dissertation in the second year. The teaching timetable is circulated to students timeously before the semester begins. The modules are as follows:

  • Theorising Curriculum
  • Curriculum Development and Evaluation
  • Research Proposal and Skills Development
  • Research Discourses and Methodology

In the full dissertation programme, students work closely with their supervisors in developing a research proposal, research design, data analysis and research writing. Research foci are wide-ranging but related to education.

Doctoral programmes (PhD)

Selection is dependent on academic achievement and the availability of an appropriate supervisor.

Cohort support provides critical feedback and leading lectures to support students in developing a research proposal, research design, data analysis and research writing. Research foci are wide-ranging but related to school and higher education.

Applications for all programme are made through the relevant administrative office at Edgewood.

About Education Studies

The undergraduate programme consists of core modules that are offered to all students across all levels (1 to 4). The foci in these modules are wide-ranging and cover aspects such as teaching and learning theories, academic literacies, issues of Curriculum, philosophy, sociology, professional studies, human rights to mention a few.

Staff Email Staff Email
Prof Thabo Msibi Dr Pryah Mahabeer
Prof Nyna Amin Dr Makhosazana Shoba
Prof Bheki Khoza Dr Mlamuli Hlatshwayo
Dr Samu Khumalo Dr Cedric Bheki Mpungose
Dr Lokesh Maharajh Mr Vusi Msiza
Dr Lungi Masinga Dr Nomkhosi Nzimande
Curriculum Development and Evaluation EDCS816 Prof Bheki Khoza MED
Theorising Curriculum EDCS817 Prof. Thabo Msibi MED
Research Proposal development EDRS820 MED, B.Ed Hons
Curriculum: Context And Change EDCS702 Prof Bheki Khoza B.Ed Hons
Assessment in Education EDPD701 Mr Vusi Msiza B.Ed Hons
Curriculum Change and Development EDCS703 Dr Makhosi Shoba B.Ed Hons
Curriculum as Practice EDCS704 Dr Lungile Masinga B.Ed Hons
Education and Curriculum Studies Independent Research Project (IRP) EDRS732 Dr Lokesh Maharajh /All Staff B.Ed Hons
Professional Studies 110 EDES 110 Dr Cedric Bheki Mpungose B.Ed
Professional Studies 120 EDES 120 Dr Prya Mahabeer B.Ed
History of Education EDES 213 Dr Makhosi Shoba B.Ed
Philosophy of Education EDES 310 Dr Mlamuli Hlatshwayo B.Ed
Sociology of Education EDES 410 Dr Nomkhosi Nzimande B.Ed
Psychology of Education EDES 220 Dr Patrick Mweli B.Ed
Curriculum Studies EDES 320 Mr Vusi Msiza B.Ed
Professional Studies 210 EDES 210 Dr Cedric Bheki Mpungose B.Ed
Professionalism & Human Rights Education EDES 420 Dr Nomkhosi Nzimande B.Ed
Professional Studies 220/230/240 EDES 221/EDES 230/EDES 240 Dr Mlamuli Hlatshwayo B.Ed