Educational Psychology

Educational Psychology

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Our highly acclaimed Division of Educational Psychology offers cutting edge application of psychological knowledge and beliefs to teaching and learning.  Being responsive to the changing demand of school and schooling , this discipline offers a range of programmes  dealing with human development and motivation, learning processes, social learning, and discipline (including other facets of classroom management).  From 2006 it offers a programme in school counseling leading to HPCSA registration.

Educational Psychology / School Guidance (Semester 1)
Human Development & Learning EDPY 701 BEd Hons 20 Prof N De Lange
Addressing Barriers/Intro to Incl.Ed. EDPY 702 B.Ed Hons 7
Assessment & Diagnostic Skills EDSG 701 BEd Hons 17 Mrs V Jairam
Pschopath of Childhood&Adolesce EDSG 705 BEd Hons 5 Mr HN Muribwathoho
School Guidance 310 EDSG310 B.Ed 25 Dr T Buthelezi
School Guidance 310 EDSG310P B.Ed 10 Mr HN Muribwathoho

Educational Psychology / School Guidance (Sem. 2)
Psychological Interventions EDSG 709 B.Ed Hons 6 Mr HN Muribwathoho
Guidance & Counselling Sp.401 EDSG 401 PGCE 6 Mr V Jairam
Guidance & Counselling Sp. 604 EDSG 604 B.Ed    
School Guidance 320 EDSG320 B.Ed 25 Dr T Buthelezi

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