Curriculum & Education Studies

Curriculum Studies

  Module Module Code Co-Ordinator/Lecturer Qualification
Curriculum Development and Evaluation EDCS816 Dr Bheki Khoza MED
Theorising Curriculum EDCS817 Dr Thabo Msibi MED
Research Proposal development EDRS820 Dr Lokesh Maharajh MED
Curriculum: Context And Change EDCS702 Dr Makho Nkosi B.Ed Hnrs
Assessment in Education EDPD701 Ms Nomkhosi Nzimande B.Ed Hnrs
Curriculum Change and Development EDCS703 Ms Makhosi Shoba B.Ed Hnrs
Curriculum as Practice EDCS704 Ms Pryah Mahabeer B.Ed Hnrs
Education and Curriculum Studies Independent Research Project (IRP) EDRS732 All Staff B.Ed Hnrs
Professional Studies 110 EDES 110 Dr Makho Nkosi B.Ed
Professional Studies 120 EDES 120 Ms Prya Mahabeer B.Ed
History of Education EDES 213 Ms Makhosi Shoba B.Ed
Philosophy of Education EDES 310 Dr Lokesh Maharajh B.Ed
Sociology of Education EDES 410 Ms Nomkhosi Nzimande B.Ed
Psychology of Education EDES 220 Ms Makhosi Shoba B.Ed
Curriculum Studies EDES 320 Dr Lokesh Maharajh B.Ed
Professional Studies 210 EDES 210 Dr Nyna Amin B.Ed
Professionalism & Human Rights Education EDES 420 Ms Nomkhosi Nzimande B.Ed
Professional Studies 220/230/240 EDES 221/EDES 230/EDES 240 Dr Makho Nkosi B.Ed